It’s been a long time…

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Since I last posted so much life has happened! I had to take a step back and free up some of my time for awhile but I think I’m ready to come back! I love having a space to document thoughts and photos. I use Instagram (@sarahholstrom) regularly and share our life in tiny squares pretty much daily but I want to reclaim this space and do even more documenting and reflecting…. Especially because OUR THIRD BABY will be here in no time!!!


Boy vs. Girl?!?


This blessing of ours is yet to be named because for the first time ever we haven’t found out the gender! It’s been a crazy process of guessing and wondering and I just cannot wait for the mystery to be solved NEXT MONTH!!!

So be on alert! You’ll be finding me here much more often with many more exciting updates! Gender! A name! And life! Oh my!!


Soon there will be 5!!




Wanna get weddinged?!

mom life

Having kids close in age is often tricky and probably not the “easiest” -if easy even exists in any scenario motherhood but whatever. Mine are close together. I didn’t plan it but it’s perfect. They adore each other. We went to a wedding a few months ago and the two of them have been hooked on weddings ever since. They were memorized by the beauty of it all and it hasn’t worn off. Just the other day I was snapping a few quick photos of them together and Phinn was instant that they play “getting weddinged”! It’s was so precious… And hilarious! Being a mom is really really fun.





What they were//
Camo pants by geo fox apparel
Shoes by native
Ello love raglan by kate and james shop
Denim bow by every dot and tiddle

Cultivating love


Love is a verb.
Love requires action.
Love is a choice.

Love wins
and that is what I’m striving to teach my babies.

Remaining calm and patient is an incredibly large task sometimes… Let’s get real- most of the time! However, when I concentrate on the bigger picture and remain in love it becomes easier. Choosing to walk in love changes the atmosphere and allows for freedom and confidence to grow. I want my kids to bare those characteristics. I want them free and confident and that means they truly need to know their value. They are loved deeply by their creator and no circumstance can change that. As their mom I want to reflect God’s heart and show them that my love for them is unchangeable.

I also desire for the love I show them to shape the way they love others. The sibling bond is such a treasure because they have around the clock opportunities to act out love.


My kids fight, they throw tantrums, test me and make poor choices daily. But do you know what else? They smother each other with kisses, they tell me they love me just because, they run to the others defense if someone is being punished, and they want to do everything together every single day as well! Our love is a work in progress but thankfully we have the ultimate lover as our gracious teacher!

It is good to be a lover and it is good to be loved well.

Strive for love.

You are worth it.

You are worthy of it.

You will forever be changed by it.

Life as of lately


I’ve recently started working out and consciously making time for me in this whole crazy thing called motherhood! It’s been really rewarding however it’s put one more thing on my plate to juggle! It’s been about a month and a half and I’m finding my groove.

One major benefit it that I’m finding myself more productive in all areas. Yes I’m sore and yes I’m tired but I’m also awake and moving…. So why not clean the kitchen or get out into the world with my kiddos?!





I was just reflecting with a friend about how she had always viewed me as an extrovert until she really got to know me. Her statement made me think and I’m still thinking about it. See I am very content to just hang at home and snuggle my kids and drink tea but that’s not typically what they want to do! So I’ve noticed that though I’m not bouncing off the walls with energy… Quite yet, I am up! I might be in work out clothes but we are at the park! I might be slightly smelly but I’m doin it and I’m learning how to juggle better every day!

Take time for yourself. It makes you a better you and when you’re better you love better.


mom life

So I’m pretty late on this whole Halloween post but whatever this is my space, // ha! Remember MySpace?! // and I can do what I want. So here we go. Halloween is not my jam. I hate all the scary stuff and I especially hate that garbage now that I have two extremely sensitive little kids! Buuuuut truth be told I’m always down for an excuse to play dress up with some fun, cute, and clever DIY costumes! So the wait is over! I give you an ice cream cone, Clark Kent, and a watermelon!








punkin chunkin


We took the kids to the pumpkin patch and aside from the one teenager dressed in some scary mask who tried to freak Phinn out the kids thought they were in heaven!

We discovered this fun patch last year, it’s called Tanaka Farms for all you locals and we will never be the same again! Ha! But anyways because it’s a farm there is tons of wide open space to just run…. And throw pumpkins!!! Phinn wanted to throw absolutely every pumpkin he touched and Lou went slip slidin on the plastic that lines the rows! They laughed non stop and and I tried real hard to let them do their thing and enjoy their time!



It also happened to be Lou’s birthday so we are thinking of making October 20th a pumpkin patch tradition! I love traditions and believe they serve as such an awesome marker in our memories so i desire to give them to my kids! Starting new ones can be tough and easily forgotten so this one seems simple, fun, and easy!! One that will be enjoyed by all and easy to maintain! Hahha




So here’s to many more pumpkin patch explorations and a lot more family photos!



My baby is two!

mom life

My sweet little surprise is two whole years old! I have held her in my arms for 730 days and in my heart for even longer! Life was chaotic when she arrived…. it still is…. and probably always will be… but that’s okay!


Tallulah Perri, you daily light up my whole world! //
Celebrating you comes easily! You fill us will joy and make every day more exciting! You have grown up so much! You love Frozen and you’re even getting really good at singing along and reciting the lines! It’s the cutest thing ever! You also love trips to target, the park, and snacks snacks and more snacks!


In fact you love eating so much that you didn’t even pause for a second when I fed you a cake that I forgot to add butter to! Thanks for goin easy on me!


Lou, thanks for so graciously adding to our family. Thank you for being an irreplaceable part of us. You challenge me and motivate me. You make me want to love myself more so that I can be the best example of a women to you. I look forward to all the long talks, lunch dates, and shopping we will do in the future but for now I am just relishing in you being my little girl. I adore you wholeheartedly. You make me better.


I so look forward to this year ahead! We have so much to see and learn together! It’s going to be great!


Don’t be a lazy mom//

Explore Where You Live

The truth is I have to tell myself that a lot. Being a mom is hard work and all you mama’s know the work never stops! It’s easy to get worn out and want to just give up and give in. But don’t. It matters. It’s matters now and it matters for their future. Now I’m not saying don’t ever rest or don’t ever take a snuggle day but do teach your kids, take them on adventures, and be present with them. Be a mama of your word and always follow through.


Now I hope this isn’t coming across as a scolding but rather an encouragement that I’m firstly reminding myself of! I can get into funks and negative patterning but I have to rise above that for the babes that I love most! Sometimes I think that it will just be easier to hang at home but whenever we go out and explore a place we love I’m instantly glad we did!




Grooming these little “babies” into “people” is our responsibility. It’s my responsibility. Raising Jesus loving, productive, kind, smart, compassionate, individuals matters to me so much! Those traits are learned through my kids interactions with me and the things I expose them to. There are a ton of fun and hard lessons ahead but as long as I keep reminding myself to not be lazy and give this whole parenting thing my all I know the pay out will be huge!

What are your favorite things to do with your littles?! I’d love some more fun ideas!